Bishops Green

  • Greg Huff Vocals
  • Mikey Jak Bass
  • Morgan Farrell Guitar
  • Orville Lancaster Drums
  • Biography

    Bishops Green is the oldest young band in punk. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, all members, both current and past, have decades of touring, writing, and recording under their belts. Bishops Green is the culmination of this extensive experience.

    Building on the collective past of such acts as the Glory Stompers, Alternate Action, Subway Thugs, and The Lancasters, the band maintains a connection to the street punk scenes of past while ushering in a raw, fresh energy that attracts fans from many generations. Creative influences include, but are certainly not limited to, The Clash, Blitz, Stiff Little Fingers, Cocksparrer, Rancid, and Agnostic Front.

    With a raw grit and determination that simply cannot be taught, Bishops Green has worked tirelessly since 2011, building a resume that is nothing short of impressive. After 4 studio releases, numerous North American tours, 6 European tours in as many years, and a recent expansion into South America, 2018 is poised to see a new studio release and many international dates in places both familiar and unknown to Bishops Green.