Red Mass

  • Biography

    Punk music incorporating techniques of automatic creation and chaos magic. Nothing is sacred in the sweet blasphemy of art. Created by Roy Vucino with Hannah Lewis as part of the ‘Free Creative Enterprise’ TA DA arts collective, Red Mass has become a gathering of musicians, agent provocateurs, and artists, from around the globe. The band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks including Mike Watt, Mac DeMarco, Evan Dando, Rick Froberg (Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu), producer/musician MartinBisi and King Khan as well as members of Fly Pan Am, the Black Lips, DuchessSays and Godspeedyoublackemperor among others. Collaborations with legends, friends, and family and with strangers who wanna create something subversive. In order to free oneself from a culturally conditioned view of reality, the group chooses to abandon the comfort of familiarity, embrace the confusion of our world and denounce man-made belief systems meant to squash the weak and unfortunate. Be godlike by creating worlds, be angelic by soaring above the ruins and be like a demon by seeking the immoral core of magical experiment. As above, so below. We welcome you to the Red logo.jpg